Movie week

Well this week i feel like i don’t want to do anything. I just want to lay down on my bed, watch something funny or interesting, with a liltle bit of drama, but as i mentioned before in another post, that nowadays find a movie that match well with my taste are kind of hard. I don’t know about hollywood or what’s going on with the business/industry, but I find that those movies that hollywood produces are sort of off, or even worst lately (for me). I know maybe i just have a high standard or something, but, hello hollywood, you can do better than this (just my thoughts – ignore, please).

So here are some movies i watch and would like to share – before i forgot. I watch them from 2 weeks ago, and just update my draft.

jesus_henry_christJesus Henry Christ – Story about a genius boy -whose his mom getting a sperm donor- try to find his father. It is funny, well not so funny though but still i am able to watch it until the end.

a little bit of heavenA Little bit of Heaven – Story about a colon cancer patient, Molly, a bright women who just realize that she is having a colon cancer (ass cancer as she mentioned on the movie) after she give her self a medical checkup. She thought it was a joke, but it is not, then she try to deal with it, and wish to bring back the FUN in her FUNERAL (it was a dialogue i found interesting), then she fall in love with her doctor, and the story become sad toward the end.

unfinished-song-2012-03Unfinished song a.k.a Song for Marion – This one is lovely. Story about companion, being old together and also being happy when you’re going through the end with your life in a lovely ways. Telling your spouse that you love him with music and song it’s kind of nice isn’t it? Well just give it a try though.

Kingsman The secret serviceKingsman : The secret service – Its sarcastic, yet cool at the same time, and apparently funny and fresh. At the first sight, I ignored this movie for a long time, but then I read the comments and they said it’s very good and funny. then i decided to give this a try, and I fall in love. Yes those comments are right. I will not say any spoiler for this one, but for sure you should check this out and give this a try. You wont regret.

everybodys_fineEverybody’s fine – So touching story. I am drowning in my tears. This movie makes me think about my parents. If they’re old and I can’t do anything to help them or always beside them and be with them, so they need to walked home alone and give some sort of sorrow, loneliness back view, it’s sad. It will be very goo also for parents. Very good family movie. Makes me thinking about my life and my future (married, having children and such). Build a family it’s absolutely a huge decision for life, hard work and responsibility, huge amount of patients needed. Great acting from all the actress. Robert de Niro still the best.

Chalet girlChalet Girl I don’t realize that Felicity Jones is beautiful until i found this movie. Its an interesting romantic comedy. Well delivered in a very beautiful cinematography. Makes me droll to see Austria and playing with their snow.

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