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These days, I’ve been thinking to change some of my stuffs – my old stuffs, and also adding some new stuffs. First is my laptop, I need to change my laptop. It’s hard to let go this old grumpy one who accompany me for this past years, but, because electronic stuffs are getting down as times goes by I need to change this one for the sake of my emotion.

I am using this laptop since my university time. This stuff really help me a lot with all those crazy portfolio and homework back then. Ahh, its doing pretty well with my graduation tasks. So many things I save on this laptop, such as torrent of happening movies at a time, songs and oh, sure, of course, absolutely – korean dramas *uppss. And we rather enjoy each other companion, in some coffee shops, sometimes, I think.

Beside having a new laptop, I also seduced by a printer. Epson K200. I think I need that one, since I don’t have any printer at home, but, after giving another thought about this, I’m kind of not sure. The thing is I will rarely use it. I never really print something a lot – after my university day – or, make a copy of something (I delegate this job to my office copier, so it can be more useful and efficient).

Also another stuff I want to change is my desk. Since I have a lot of things thrown on my desk, I think it would be wise if I buy a new larger desk instead using this old table. And if I want to adding more stuffs, of course I need larger desk too right?

Well that’s all are only my intention. I don’t know when I can change all of this, but surely I will doing this one by one, like slowly but sure kinda phrase 🙂

Let’s see….

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