Let’s talk about food

Now let’s talk about food. Talk about bread to make it narrow. Yes, I made my own bread, not everyday, nor whenever I want to eat bread. I just made it occasionally. Occasionally means when I get some sort of short circuit on my weak brain.

Bread ham 2

Ham Bread

Bread are one of the most fun food I like to make. Not only because its deliciousness, but also because the exercise I get behind the making. If I recall, I think I’ve never had a proper exercise every day, so yeah I would definitely count this as part of my exercise. Let’s get back to the topic. I love making fun of the dough. Playing like a stone man ready to make a very beautiful Esmeralda. Kneading, hitting, or even slamming the dough are the most fun parts. For 15 mins of kneading and playing the dough, I get sweat like a river and don’t forget the killer arms..I think I burn hundred calories in the making before I eat those fatty back, but yeah that’s the cycle of life right? So for you who hate the thought of kneading your bread, come on, just think about the calories you can burn will make you feel good.

I’m making my – let’s call it ham bread to simplified, I hate to make it sounds complicated by giving a sophisticated name for the food I made. Just give the flavor to judge. These breads are very easy to make. you just need a tin of ham and some herbs of course some salt and pepper and garlic for luck 🙂 and don’t forget the cheese. That’s it. Oh ya for the herbs here I use some basil, gingers, leeks, and some celery – don’t know if these are count as herbs or not but I won’t bother to search another classification, so I will just said so.

Bread ham

Ham Bread

That looks good, and taste even better. Hah, I just compliment my self. But i swear those breads are yummy.  The flavor is not like another sandwich, burger or so, thanks to the herbs I said above. Some basil and ginger definitely transform the flavor to another healthy – yes I felt healthy after I ate them – snack 😛 Okay, write this kind of topic always makes me yearn. Hell you bread. I will give these another try soon…Of course.

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